1. pepetheshihtzu:

    Pepe record shopping at Mount Analogue, LA. 

  2. Sushi the shih tzu. 

  3. Happy Halloween - from Pepe!

  4. rose-of-gallifrey:

    He’s just staring at me.

  5. chato1905:

    Sparky in action

  6. txtsfromtoby:

    "Buckle up everyone! Things are about to get groovy :-D" ~ Toby

  7. ohmyshihtzu:

    Trixie Tuesday: On No A Leaf !

    So fall is in the air and the leafs are falling from the trees. We’ll be moving soon and this past…

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  8. txtsfromtoby:

    "Tobzart strikes again with his unfinished ‘Symphony In Woof Minor’! :-D" ~ Toby

  9. chato1905:

    Sparky’s Family

  10. muttandshitzu:

    Kassie My Lassie has the craziest hair on top of her head right now. Very reminiscent of when I brought her home and wasn’t quite big enough for a top knot yet. In Mr. Chewbacca news, he has decided in the last week or so that it’s actually kind of nice to lay in my lap and nap. :)